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14 May

In this Update:

  • Golf Clubs Reopen
  • March Weekend Refunds

Golf Clubs Reopen

Yesterday (13 May) many golf courses opened on a restricted basis allowing some of us to get out and play. Based on my (limited) experience it appears that most clubs are following the R&A rules which I have copied below. 

Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews: 

  •  Social distancing must be strictly adhered to at all times
  • Individuals can play golf on their own, or two people from different households can play golf together
  • Households of up to four people can play golf at the discretion of the clubs
  • You will likely have to book tee time online
  • Ten minute spacing is expected between groups and individuals on the course
  • Club houses are expected to remain closed - so you will have to change into your golf shoes before arriving on the course
  • People should bring their own carts, and buggies are likely to be unavailable
  • Do not share equipment such as rangefinders or golf clubs
  • Only touch your own ball
  • Upside down flagstick cups will allow golfers to retrieve their balls without touching the flag
  • Rakes, ball washers and other course furniture will be removed
  • You should smooth sand in bunkers with your feet
  • Do not shake hands before or after the game

March Weekend Refund Update

Rest assured I am 'on the case' for the refund and now that Clubs are reopening I expect to get some news soon. As soon as I receive any news regarding the refund I will be in-touch. There are still some of you that have not sent me your bank account details which I will need to transfer your refund. If you are yet to to send your details please do so ASP to Paul Eddings.



If you feel able to replace the amount of your RMAGS subscription (£20) by making a donation to RMAGS it will be very much appreciated.

Situation Update February 2020

Below is a summary of the new situation:

  • HMRC does not allow charities to charge subscriptions
  • The RMA is amalgamated with The Royal Marines Charity hence RMA membership is now free
  • The RMAGS is a Specialist Branch of The RMA (similar to a geographical branch i.e. Exmouth or North Devon) therefore it cannot charge a subscription
  • If we make our donations via a Direct Debit (DD) this method is beneficial to both RMAGS and each of us.
  • By ticking the box marked 'Gift Aid' on the DD Mandate the donation is increased by 25% when it reaches RMAGS
  • Once a DD Mandate is set-up it will automatically pay a donation each year until we stop it - 'fire and forget'
  • Your donation will go to The RMAGS and to download a DD form please click the link below
  • Some of us may also wish to make another (separate) donation to The RMA  - as in the 'old days' we paid central RMA and branch RMA subscriptions - and to do this MAKE A DONATION TO THE RMA


weekend outline

Players £125

guests £86 (non-Playing)

RMAGS Website


RMAGS Website Launch 2020

The RMAGS website launched in January 20 and provides a central 'repository' for all things RMAGS. As we own and run the website we can change and ammend it quickly  and easily (no 'Geek' input required) thus ensuring it's kept up-to-date and relevant. As with any website it will only be as good as its content so please join in by suggesting content ideas, writing dits and, most importantly, sending phots. 

Photos Wanted

If you have photos please send them to Paul Eddings (email below) along with any relevant information (when, where who etc.)

Paul Denning - Stepping Down


The Chairman will be 'focusing on his golf' (November 2019) 

Paul Denning was the driving force behind the inception of The Royal Marines Association Golf Society (RMAGS) five years ago. He and his small team undertook a lot of necessary work to get the 'Royals and Ancients' off the ground including writing the charter, establishing the committee, apportioning responsibilities and establishing our home base at Tiverton Golf Club. Paul’s leadership, passion and commitment ensured we had strong foundations on which to build and now, five years on, our golf society is vibrant with a healthy membership and a growing attendance at its events. Paul will continue to support RMAGS as a member and will attend as frequently as his time permits. We all owe him a debt of gratitude and wish him well for the future. We also assume that now he has been relieved from the 'pressures of command' his game will improve!

RMAGS Shirts


We need a new shirt rep - any volunteers?

Wyvern Trophy


Presented by George Martin

The Wyvern Trophy is played for, annually, at the first society day of the season.

The trophy will be presented to:

  •    The Player with the lowest Stableford score.
  •    Is a member of the RMA.
  •    Has given a donation of £20 (gift-aided) to the society.
  •    (Donations will not be collected on the day of the match).
  •    After presenting the trophy it will be recovered to remain at Tiverton for safe keeping.   

don hayes


Don is Moving On

(sorry Don - we couldn't find a photo of you so we improvised)

Don was a ‘founder-member’ of The Royals and Ancients and therefore played his part in establishing our society and setting it up for the success it enjoys today. Along with his duties as the Membership Representative he has also been our ‘Fashion Rep’ (T-Shirt Bloke) responsible for our ‘on-course sartorial elegance’ – clearly a mammoth task. Aside from his administrative abilities he is also (rather annoyingly) an accomplished golfer who is at the lower end of the handicap scale. Unfortunately, work commitments have prevented Don from attending as much as he would have liked this season and I hope this will change in the future and allow him to get a bit more golf in. George Martin has kindly volunteered to take over Don’s responsibilities.

Veteran rail card


Text of an email from Cy Grieve (SW Region RMA) 22 January 20

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen
Please see the following announcement, from the Government underlining the governments commitment to supporting former serving personnel and recognise their service to the country.

The Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced today (22 January 2020), that veterans will get cut-price train travel to help boost job prospects and bring them closer to family and friends, with a new railcard on sale from Armistice Day. The railcard will extend discounted train travel to the more than 830,000 veterans not covered by existing discounts.

More information can be found at the following link:

Kind Regards

Employment Opportunity Commando Logistics Regiment (CLR)


Text of an email from Cy Grieve (SW Region RMA) 5 February 20

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen

I have received the attached advert from JP from the North Devon Branch, the CLR MTO Brian Burnham is asking for former RM's to work as drivers at CLR.

As some of you would have remembered from the South West Region Annual General Meeting, the Corps is undermanned and CLR are looking for interested individuals to fill mixed FTRS & Civil Service roles at CLR.

Please can you promote & cascade down to you members who fit the criteria. Full information and job specification for FTRS can be found at For Civil service jobs please visit and place MOD in the organisation bar.  For more detail, or to talk to a rank who has recently returned on FTRS or as a civil servant about their experience so far please contact MTO CLR 

Kind Regards


Cy Grieve


South West Region

RMA - The Royal Marines Charity

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