Royal Marines Association 
Golf Society


A life-long golfer Pete was a founder member and core participant in an annual golf 'pilgrimage' to France. When he crossed the bar in April 2018 it was fitting that future golf 'deployments' should be dedicated to his memory. Given his own approach to the trip he will certainly approve of the antics of today's protagonists.

The trophy is competed for by a group of former RM and RMAGS members around October. This grueling international challenge, spanning several golf courses and cities, demands a serious amount of socialising. The golf is the easy part; the endurance tests are listening to the seemingly endless (and unsurprisingly similar) dits and getting past the Irish Bar which is cunningly located between the hotel and the restaurants. 'Hostilities' are concluded with 'The Champions Dinner' (entitled (but not paid for) by the current winner)  held in Rennes on the final evening prior to heading home via Roscoff and GUZ.