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Handicap List 18 Jan 20 (pdf)


about the Handicap system

The following Email was sent by Woodbury Golf Club in January 2020

If anyone understands it perhaps they can explain it to the rest of us!

Why are Handicaps changing?

On 2nd November 2020 handicap systems that calculate your handicap will change.  Before this date there were 6 different handicap systems operating around the world.  WHS is unifying these into one.  It’s already come into effect in some other countries.

How will it work? 

The key to the new regime is the Course Rating System.

Course Rating System:

A Course Rating evaluates the difficulty of a playing course for scratch golfers under normal course & weather conditions, while a bogey rating does the same for bogey golfers (usually 20 handicap for men, 24 for ladies).

The Slope Rating is a number that indicates the relative difficulty of a course for bogey golfers, compared to scratch golfers.  When we turn up to play at a different course to Woodbury, we will measure our handicap index against the slope of the course from the tees we are playing and that will give us a Course Handicap. 

(This Course Handicap is converted into a Playing Handicap which is determined by the format being played and the handicap allowance applicable to it.)  This can be done either by signing into their computer, or there will be a course rating system chart available.

All courses are being remeasured for the Slope System.  Woodbury Park is due to be remeasured early summer 2020.  

How will players get a handicap index?

All members of a club will receive converted existing handicaps to their new handicap index.

What scores can I put in for handicap purposes?

Any round of golf that’s an authorised format of play, over a minimum number of holes, that’s played to the Rules of Golf.  The player must have a playing partner who can mark their card.

All rounds of golf that are competition or social scores, from medal to stableford as a single golfer are acceptable.

However threesomes or foursomes will not be allowed.  

A player can enter their competition scores as normal plus they will also be able to pre-register and submit scores from social games played under the Rules of Golf (the same as you do now with supplementary scores). 

Our handicaps are currently worked out using an aggregate system, but that’s going to change to an average-based calculation. 

IG will calculate your last 20 score cards and take the best 8 of these to award you a handicap index.  There will be no 0.1 increases if you have a bad round (as there are at the moment).  This means your most recent score will only immediately affect your handicap if it is one of the best 8 of your most recent 20 scores, however that score may later become one of your best 8 as other older rounds drop out of your last 20.  Although the new way of calculating handicaps does not start until 2nd November, qualifying rounds that you are now playing will affect how your new handicap index will be calculated.